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by Edible Castle

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I'm giving you a 'heyo!' Eatin' chips with the mayo Havin' mayo, lucky dayo Chick chicken, die!
Down Town 01:00
ehhhh, I got it wrong again My pants are tighter. You got a lighter? I'm not a fighter, but I'm going down town, weyo Thank you, thank you for going down town Thank you, thank you for going down town
Oh Ship! 01:30
Yaahaa yaahaa, the sailor said to me
Calamari 01:06
Calamari, yummy calamari Calamari, yummy calamari Ain't a sack, Cuboy's back Calamari-oooh, calamari-oooh oooh, calamari-oooh
Fly high you mountain guy Fly high, fly so high
I steal a Biro, oh what a crime-o I'm the ultimate tricky thief, it's mine-o Half past nine-o, clock it's time-o To get the gods drunk on my wine-o And we'll sway this way and salute the day With the Z-man and the cube dude, no delay Feast on swine-o, I'm feeling fine-o With the Grime God Beat You got a problem? (yeah!) So what's your problem? (well) There ain't no answer I can give- That I can't give to your problem (huh?) What's wrong do I speak in riddles? (kinda) You want me speak slow- So you can understand, Diddles? (uh huh) No, (oh) I ain't gonna (alright) Cuz I got phat beats up in here like I wanna Now let me set this straight, Let's not procrastinate Yes I'm a god but your prayers can wait C-C-Can you hear the clap sound? Wishy washy followers better back down like BLAOW! and now we shake the ground Murk you with my lightenin', it's so frightenin' Ladies say "UHH!?" when I tell them that I like them I got a crib in the mountains where I have my fun If you messin with Z-Diddy yeah you better run If you messin with Z-Diddy yeah you better run
Oh my god!
Oh there is Cuboy, Cuboy, Cuboy, Cu Cuboy! Cuboy is the man! Cuboy! Cuboy is the man! You wanna know that man who's name is Cuboy! Ooooooh He is that man, I know that man I wanna be that man He is that man, I know that man I wanna be that man Cuboy is the man, he is the man I wanna be that man, I know that man I wanna be that man
I like chocolate! Actually I don't, it makes my bowels ache.
Bay don frown down, frikky freaky down town Would you like to go where you go down Oooh chang chang chang, freaky chang now Bring up the dosage, do-sa-do etc...


released January 19, 2012

William Arbuckle & Andrew Dennis


all rights reserved



Edible Castle UK

Edible Castle makes cartoons and games and junk. We also make all our own music and here is some of it...

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